While demand for Asian Seaman has been constantly increasing over the last few years. Indonesian as a one of developing countries in Asian has been well known as the preamble choice seaman among the foreign shipowners and fisheries companies to be employee in their vessel.



We as one of Crewing Agencies. Who has been specializing this field for more than 30 (thirty) years, have the passion to contribute and secure the requirement of proficient seaman and fisherman for the foreign shipping and fisheries companies all over the worlds.



Our staff are utilizing their many years of professional experience in this field. Both as seaman themselves or as crewing agency and we value communication with crew on board, and consider it as an essential part of our business.



In addition. PT. BOS in providing services covering from consistent training of seaman and fisherman to meet the standards of the International Maritime Organization and we, in cooperation with government education institution trained our seaman not only for seaman’s professional ability but also the personality.



With our capable crews whom you can trust and crewing agencies experience as well as achievement which we are proud of. We are sincerely willing to look after your valuable assets, your vessels.




           Yours faithfully.

     PT. Blue Ocean Sejati.










           Sam Bahtiar

 Managing Director & CEO.