Indonesian has been known as an archipelago country which as more than 13.000 islands with 5 (five) big island. SUMATRA. JAVA. KALIMANTA/BORNEO. SULAWESI/CELEBES and IRIAN. With total of population over 270 million,



With the variety of cultures and education background, the Indonesian has been known as friendly people that are willing to accept and adapt to the world growth.



The purpose of this booklet is to introduce our company a specialist in the field of Crewing Business and we have been deploying more than 3000 Indonesian qualify seafarers to foreign shipping companies since 1990. Our job is to maintained and managed vessel as a good partner to shipowners. It is on other words. Our mission is to provide highly skilled of seaman extensively effects of the performance.



The Indonesian Seaman are easy to adapt the regulation of foreign shipping companies. They are cooperative and hard working on board for such reason. We are cooperation with our foreign principal/shipowners and committing ourselves in raising capable seaman by a proficient education program.



We consider it a right decision to employ Indonesian seafarers for your fleet or other vessels under your management.



We hope you will find this booklet as valuable reference in making consideration that would result the right decision.